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Debbra Burks

Debra Burks Group fitness instructor at Stanwood Swim & Fitness

Ned Cross

Ned Cross Jr. Group fitness instructor at Stanwood Swim & Fitness

Averil Sutton

Averil Sutton Group fitness instructor at Stanwood Swim & Fitness

Bernie ConnollyYoga & TRX Instructor at Stanwood Swim& Fitness

Jan Iverson

 Jan Iverson Cycle instructor at Stanwood Swim & Fitness


Stanwood Swim and Fitness Group Exercise Descriptions
Strength - This one hour muscle endurance class uses barbells, dumbbells, and fantastic music to target specific muscles one group at a time.  Each muscle group is trained using a high repetition approach and is a great way to enhance your cardio workouts or sports related skills.  All levels of participants are welcome!
Ball Strength -Have a ball while working out, and get rolling into a new way of getting fit!”
There will be a variety of challenging exercises throughout this 50 min class using a stability ball and dumbbells to target all major muscle groups along with improving core stability and balance.
All fitness levels will benefit from this class format.
Step - This is step, pure and simple!!!  All levels of participants are welcome to join in this energetic hour of step moves, calorie-burning FUN!!  Great music, and easy to follow choreography.   Let’s GO!!!
HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - Work your entire body in this high intensity class, which includes short intervals of explosive cardio moves, followed by recovery periods. This effective workout increases your cardiovascular endurance and burns mega calories!!!  This is a” boot camp “style class open to all levels of participants with modifications provided by an experienced instructor. 
Cut to the Core - This is a 30 minute class that trains your core muscles groups from your shoulders to your hips.  This quick paced class includes functional and integrated exercises that will challenge you using body weight, weight plates, and a platform.  Motivating instructor and music will guide you through improved athletic performance, and back pain prevention. Let’s get HARD CORE!
Cycle - It’s time to sweat!! This is a great class for beginning to expert cyclists.  Resistance and pedal speed are combined to create an intense and effective workout.  Expert instruction guides participants to choose the intensity that suits them, but encourages them to continue to challenge their fitness levels.  
Total Body - Personal training in a class format! This is a muscle and cardio condition workout that utilizes full body movements. Different stations will be set up with a variety of equipment from hand weights, exercise tubing, medicine balls, stability balls, along with other training tools to sculpt tone and develop muscle definition in your entire body. Every participant will be working at their own pace and fitness level while getting individualized instruction at each station. There will be a group warm-up and stretching after.
 Pilates - A mind-body exercise class focused on core stability, neutral alignment and patterned breathing.  Pilates can help restore the natural curves of the spine, relieve tension and result in a balanced and aligned body
Stretch & Balance – a session of using Active Isolated Stretching (ASI) techniques to improve the flexibility and health of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The A.S.I method uses active movement of muscles on the opposite side of the muscles being stretched to gain flexibility improve posture, balance and a greater quality of life.  
TRX-Redefine your body without ever lifting a weight.  In every TRX session you get a 3-in-1 workout that targets specific muscle groups; all core all the time; plus balance training to make you lean, strong, and stable. All levels of ability are welcome – there is a challenge in every session for beginners as well as seasoned athletes.  Our workouts always flow nicely so you keep moving and we add in intervals to get your heart rate up; a great combination to boost your metabolism. This is a really fun way to build strength and lean muscles! “TRX Intro” is required prior to participating in classes.  During the Intro you’ll learn the basic moves and how to easily adjust the straps.  Call us to schedule your TRX Intro now.  Two for the price of one – bring a friend for free!
Children’s KARATE- You will learn how to defend yourself, increase self-confidence and improve coordination’s. For more info call Bill Williams 631-896-7296
Adult JUJUTSU- Develop self-discipline, men and women welcome. Chief instructor Bill Williams 30 years’ experience, 5th degree black belt Licensed in Japan, private lessons available. Call 631-896-7296        


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